Facetune 2 APK Free – Photo Editor

The next generation of the award-winning Facetune app is here with a new, amazing collection of the best pro retouching features.
Facetune 2 Retouching Features

Feedback is valuable and there are staff evaluating everything in the application and making it more stable and bug-free day in and day out. For instance, in the new version of Facetune 2 APK Free Download you will find a major performance and usability improvement and also various of new Filter Pack: Belle, new color palette, and Backgrounds, new Collages, new Effects, new Language supports like Chinese and Japanese and a fix for a critical memory bug.

Well, there is a reason why Facetune 2 APK is such a mind-blowing app and it is due to the sheer number of the option you have for retouching and filtering your photos and selfies. You can take selfies from your phone’s camera or import them from Facebook, Instagram or even from Twitter, which is really handy.

Facetune 2 APK for Android is an outstanding program for editing, sharing or improving photos with you and your friends, family or associates. This application will let you retouch the photos you take on your phone or you have on your computer or you downloaded from the internet or some friends just sent

Applying effects and using retouching tools to your photos have never been easier with Facetune 2 APK Full because you can choose from a decent range of preset filter packs and some of them you can tweak, which is pretty cool too. Of course, there are retouch tools like “Whiten”, “Smooth”, “Glow” and much more included in the free version.

Get Facetune 2 Online now and add artistic flair to your selfie or portrait.