Facetune 2 App – Face, Live Preview, Relight

Facetune 2 APK for IOSFacetune 2 App can be very useful for photo edits and also it has a huge support in order to share anything that you just made or already have on your mobile device, computer, laptop or tablet.

Talking about the support we should also mention that Facetune 2 Selfie Photo Editor is very popular and well-known application by many countries and nations(170 in particular).

Also with Facetune 2 Online you will have the great opportunity to some of the greatest tools like magically replacing backgrounds, change the light source for perfect lighting or even changing eye color

Another great option in Facetune 2 App Free Photo Editor is that you can edit photos taken by many different Photo Shooting related applications like Moldiv, VSCO, Picsart, Makeup Plus, B612, Camera360, Aillis, Candy Camera, Beauty Plus, Photo Wonder and any other applications which are used for setting up a photo before you take it, so Download Facetune App Online now and achieve magazine-level photos today.

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Sharing was never easier and better than before with Facetune 2 APK with which you can easily share selfie and pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more social networks of your choosing. By using Facetune 2 Free you can even share photos with your friends or to your family using the KakaoTalk, Line, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram or any other instant messengers and similar applications.

Facetune 2 App Online

Highlighted Features:

  • Face: This feature enables users to reshape specific facial features, using AI to understand how the feature should be manipulated to naturally fit with the rest of the face for true 3D reshaping. As an example, when snapped in a picture without smiling, users can use the Reshape feature to adjust the face to create a natural looking smile.
  • Live Preview: For the first time ever, users can live preview adjustable effects before they snap the picture when using the front-facing camera. This AR feature superimposes facial modifications live in a real-time preview and allows users to experiment with edits such as smoothing skin, whitening teeth, enhancing details, modifying the shape and size of the eyes and nose, anti-glare and fixing shadows.
  • Relight: By utilizing AI to strip original illumination and stimulate new lighting, Relight enables users to control lighting with the swipe of a finger when taking a photo in any environment, similar to the way conditions are controlled in a live studio.

★★★Retouch and add artistic flair to your selfie or portrait!★★★